D3 Lab

D3_LAB_graphicThe D3 Research Lab, situated in the UIC Innovation Center, is uniquely positioned between business, engineering, design, and medicine. Our team is comprised of innovation scholars, professionals, and students. We are engaged in academic research aimed at developing new solutions for collaborative processes, models, and technologies to support breakthrough innovation.

The lab’s key characteristics are:
• Fully interdisciplinary in faculty and student involvement
• Rigor of academic research formally integrated into lab model
• Development of industry-agnostic insights and solutions

Our Objectives:
• To fuse applied and scholarly research expertise across disciplines to create a new process model for supporting breakthrough innovation in large companies.
• To generate deep understanding and moving toward potential solutions via explanatory insights gained from collaboration and research with partner companies.


MadLab_grphicThe Innovation Center’s Medical Accelerator for Devices (MAD) Laboratory accepts applications from UIC clinicians, researchers, and faculty to help develop ideas and improve health care. MAD Lab applies expertise from Engineering, Medicine, Industrial Design, Business, and Design Research to perform front-end development.

We make ideas tangible.


Sound_lab_graphicSound Lab, located within the Innovation Center at UIC seeks to expand and integrate experimentations in the arts and forms of new media with investigations in medicine, engineering, technology, and neuroscience.

Sound Studies is emerging as one of the most important new fields of interdisciplinary inquiry offering insights into the impact of auditory and visual stimulation on mental, physical, and social well being for creating new multimodal forms of human expression.

The Sound Lab provides a dynamic environment for cross-disciplinary investigations into auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimulus.