D3 Lab

The D3 Research Lab, situated in the UIC Innovation Center, is uniquely positioned between business, engineering, design, and medicine. Our team is comprised of innovation scholars, professionals, and students. We are engaged in academic research aimed at developing new solutions for collaborative processes, models, and technologies to support breakthrough innovation.


Our Objectives:
• To fuse applied and scholarly research expertise across disciplines to create a new process model for supporting breakthrough innovation in large companies.
• To generate deep understanding and moving toward potential solutions via explanatory insights gained from collaboration and research with partner companies.

The lab’s key characteristics are:
• Fully interdisciplinary in faculty and student involvement
• Rigor of academic research formally integrated into lab model
• Development of industry-agnostic insights and solutions


To learn how you can get involved, contact Jelena Spanjol, PhD at: spanjol@uic.edu