Sponsored Classes

Interdisciplinary Product Development (IPD)

IPD is a year-long curriculum that partners with companies to generate innovation for the Sponsor and provides real-world educational experience for students from diverse disciplines including Business, Design, and Engineering.

IPD is offered in three tracks: classes that focus on products and services; medical products and service; and communication/ information design.

The 2019 - 2020 IPD classes are sponsored by UIC, Intuitive Surgical, City Tech Collaborative, Robert Bosch LLC, Verizon and OSF Healthcare.

A typical class

A typical class

IPD provides enormous education value to students—within interdisciplinary teams, students are engaged in an end-to-end process that starts with learning how to develop empathy for the user, and ends by delivering functional prototypes for the sponsor.

IPD generates tremendous insights for our sponsors— our students discover new ways to think about user-needs, and address business problems through this lens.

See Engineering Students Take on Real-World Challenges from Corporate Sponsors, for an article related to IPD from the College of Engineering’s point of view.